There is an opening for a Ph.D. student on the Civil Data Studio team. To find out more, view the announcement here.

Welcome to the website for The University of Oklahoma's Civil Data studio.

Civil Data Studio is a team of undergraduate and graduate research students working under Dr. Jin-Song Pei, primarily in Civil Engineering. Civil Data Studio is intentionally broadly-named (in contrast to structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, or smart wireless sensing technology) because it is aimed at achieving multiple objectives simultaneously by leveraging the breadth of our research activities.

Civil: The research activities of the group are primarily focused on solving civil engineering problems.

Data: The central idea of Civil Data Studio is to motivate students from various disciplines to work together on problems related to data generation (e.g., designing timber joint models to produce nonlinear data), data acquisition (e.g., testing a wireless sensing unit and a wireless sensor network), and data analysis (e.g., the existing pursuit on neural networks and FPGA technology).

Studio: This research is characterized by fun experiments (on hardware and software), cross-disciplinary teaming, peer-learning, and artistic presentations of the jointly produced work. These things lead to the "studio" atmosphere present in the research team.



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